Are Your Foreign Students Having Difficulty Connecting with US Employers?

The U.S. will be dependent on foreign workers to fill future STEM jobs, according to analysis of the third annual U.S. News/Raytheon STEM Index, from

International Experts offers a solution that bridges the gap between the number of foreign graduates and the need of U.S. companies for STEM professionals.

Our immigration and workforce solutions also creates a pathway to employment for foreign graduates that need visa sponsorship to remain in the U.S. We enable employers to hire foreign graduates when they are either not capable of, or simply not interested in supporting the sponsorship process because of the cost, liability, and overall burden of the process.

How we assist STEM talent:

  • Increasing job opportunities with companies who are unwilling or unable to sponsor visas themselves.
  • As an E-Verify participating employer we can support a 24-month extension of Optional Practical Training (OPT) for STEM graduates.
  • Providing on-going consultation and acting as a resource for immigration questions for graduates and their families.
  • Providing visa processing–including H-1B visas and green cards–at no cost to graduates.
  • As the employer of record, International Experts can provide qualifying work experience for graduates that need it prior to their sponsorship for a green card.

Making Connections

We’re proud to be able to facilitate employment connections for graduates. We ‘ll help foreign graduates transition from college to career. In addition to collaborating with students and universities, we continue to build relationships with our professional partners. These companies are interested in meeting global talent, and that is why International Experts presents Virtual Career Fairs for universities and students as an avenue to facilitate introductions and employment.

Online career fairs enable graduates to

  • Explore career opportunities via virtual booths in an online environment from anywhere
  • Chat directly and arrange interviews with hiring managers without travel
  • Access Employer career materials and benefits