Recruiting and Employing International Talent for STEM Fields

Focus on growing your business, without hassles or paperwork

International Experts unburdens companies from traditional human resource issues and details. This enables our clients to provide exciting opportunities for non-U.S. professionals and graduates without the financial risk, hassles, or excessive attorney fees of the immigration process.

You conduct your normal selection process to determine who to hire, then communicate the parameters of the offer with us. We’ll finalize the offer agreement and become the employer of record, taking care of all required employment matters. We’ll start the process for all required immigration services on your behalf. Contact us for details.

Discover U.S. employment opportunities

The shortage of highly-skilled STEM labor is no myth. That’s why we’re proud to enable non-US STEM professionals to be placed into competitive and exciting jobs, bypassing the frustration of the immigration process. International Experts provides comprehensive visa and green card processing when companies are unwilling or unable to provide these services themselves. 

STEM professionals receive a full benefit package and efficient payroll services with bi-weekly pay. Our team of in-house human resource representatives are available to answer all benefit and employment questions. View Job Opportunities

Add STEM graduates to your growth strategy

If you’re looking for a low-cost solution to quickly increase your talent pool, consider hiring foreign STEM graduates from respected U.S. Universities. Tap into grads with Masters and Ph.D degrees from highly-respected institutions as an addition to your workforce.

We’ll do the paperwork. As the employer of record, International Experts provides visa processing—including OPT extensions, H-1B visas and green cards. We can also provide qualifying work experience for graduates that need it prior to their sponsorship for a green card. Contact us to participate in an upcoming online University Job Fair.

Using Virtual Job Fairs to Recruit Talent

The best and the brightest aren't standing in line waiting for interviews.

universityDid you know that about 560,000 foreign students have the ability to temporarily work in STEM-related fields, during and after their studies? They may not be experienced pros, but these grads have the potential to become future leaders.  International Experts can connect companies with foreign students, no travel arrangements required.